Get a Taste of Sin City Online at Slots of Vegas Casino

If one is looking for the fun of Vegas from the comfort of their own home, they can get a taste of Sin City online at Slots of Vegas casino. Besides Sin City, Las Vegas also has various other nicknames which it is known by. These additional names that Las Vegas is known by include simply Vegas, City of Lights, The Gambling Capital of the World, Capital of Second Chances, The Entertainment Capital of the World, The Silver City as well as The Marriage Capital of the World.

In addition to being the most populated city in the United States state of Nevada, with a population of around two million people, Vegas also has one of the highest retirement populations in the United States. The number of retired people in Las Vegas is around six hundred thousand people. But players can get a taste of Sin City online at Slots of Vegas casino without having to uproot their lives and move there!

While the City of Lights is probably best known as a gambling destination, Vegas also has notoriety for its massive amount of shopping opportunities, fine dining restaurants, and buzzing nightlife. It is also the most prominent commercial, financial as well as cultural centre in the southern area of Nevada.  In addition to that, Las Vegas is dotted with some of the largest and most expensive hotels in the world. Though most people who want to get a taste of Sin City online at Slots of Vegas casino will log in for the multitude of slots, table games, video poker and specialty games on offer.

Early Vegas

But long before the lights and slots, the earliest people to live in the area were Paleo-Indians who visited the area about ten thousand years ago. When the first European explorers came to the area in the early eighteen hundreds, it was given the name Las Vegas. Las Vegas means “the meadows” in Spanish, and the area was full of large expanses of wild grass and areas that had fresh spring water for people who were traveling west. This was long before computers and people did not have the opportunity to get a taste of Sin City online at Slots of Vegas casino. In fact, casinos in the United States at the time were nothing like they are today.

It was in the early nineteen hundreds that Vegas was actually founded as a city. One hundred and ten acres of land that ran next to the Union Pacific Railroad was auctioned off. This area would become down town Las Vegas. In the early nineteen thirties, casinos were legalised in the area and Sin City’s destiny to be one of the largest gambling landmarks in the world was set in stone. With the massive amount of people who came along with the construction of the Hoover Dam, Vegas got a foothold and started to grow.

Slots of Vegas

One of the things Las Vegas is most known for is its massive amounts of slot machines. If a player wants to get a taste of Sin City online at Slots of Vegas casino to play slots, they have their choice of hundreds of slots and other online NZ casino games.

They also have the option of playing table games such as European Blackjack, Match Play 21, Pai Gow Poker and Tri-Card Poker.